What Size Bubble Wrap Do I Need?

What Size Bubble Wrap Do I Need

Are you using the right size bubble wrap for your business? Choosing the wrong bubble wrap to package items can cost you money and customer satisfaction. Not all bubble sizes are created equally, which means you’ll want to ask your bubble wrap suppliers what products will work best for the items you ship. Continue reading to learn what size bubble wrap you need to make sure items arrive safely at their destinations.

Bubbles sizes range from 1/8” to 1/2” thickness. While small bubbles prevent scratches and scrapes, large bubbles cushion items from impact damage. Keep in mind that while plastic bubble wrap is relatively light, it can still contribute to the weight and cost of shipping.

1/8” Bubble Thickness

Small bubbles are great for protecting items from being scratched or scraped during shipping. For example, many technology companies use 1/8” bubbles to protect screens for smartphones, tablets, and other lightweight devices. While the 1/8” bubble sheets are tougher to find, they are worth getting for items that could scratch easily during the shipping process.

If you are shipping electronics, you’ll want to use anti static bubble wrap. Anti static bubble bags and sheets protect electronics from static electricity during shipping. This pink bubble wrap is different from other types of packing material because it is designed to slowly and safely dissipate electrostatic charge. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) not only damages electrical components, but can harm human workers. Thankfully, ESD bubble wrap can be custom cut to any sheet size or thickness you need.

3/16” Bubble Thickness

The 3/16” bubble is the most common. You may recognize this bubble size if you recently moved to a new home and needed to pack your belongings. This bubble size is used to protect light to medium weight items, which makes it versatile to work for a variety of products.

5/16” Bubble Thickness

The larger the bubble size, the more protection you have against impact damage. For example, large bubble sizes protect items in the event someone drops a box. The 5/16” bubble size is perfect for void-fill jobs because it gives you more protection than the standard 3/16” bubble.

1/2” Bubble Thickness

Large bubbles are best for cushioning medium weight items. The 1/2” bubble is perfect for large fragile items because it’s filled with more air. The larger bubble size also tends to be thicker and more durable. That way, you can depend on protective packaging to work for the entire journey. This bubble size is perfect for large void-fill jobs.

Combining Bubble Wrap Sizes

Many of our customers use more than one plastic bubble wrap size to keep items safe during shipping. For example, you may want to use 1/8” bubble to protect a TV screen from being scratched and use a large bubble size over top to protect against impact damage. We especially recommend using more than one bubble size if you need to ship something fragile and/or valuable. We offer a full range of packaging supplies for your company’s shipping needs.

Our bubble wrap suppliers are dedicated to helping business owners just like you find the right bubble wrap and packing foam so shipped items arrive safety at their destinations. To buy bubble wrap for your business, call Premier Protective Packaging at (616) 791-7400.

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