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Bubble Bags: 3 Main Protective Packaging


green bubble wrapDifferent Types of Bubble Bags!

There are 3 main types of bubble wrap available with Premier Protective Packaging.

1. Standard (3/16" Bubble)
2. Anti- Static
3. Green Bubble
Standard bubble that we would see on a normal basis is the bubble that is clear and you typically see it within new products you open or in mailing/packaging an item. It is by far the most frequently used bubble and it will give you that impact protection on small to medium size items while shipping. Protective packaging that we sell the most of is our Stock 3/16" Bubble Bags with Lip and Tape. To get more info on sizes, here is our Stock Bubble Bag and if you don't see the size you need on here, ask for a Quote!

green bubble wrapGreen bubble is a great way to start when trying to "Go Green" with your shipping. The "Green" color tends to give the awareness of a recycled content material which in return promotes "Green" purchases.
This bubble wrap material uses less fuel for transportation and less carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Green Bubble is available like any other material we carry, rolls, bags, sheets, tubing, etc with a wide range of widths and lengths to provide you with great options. If you are looking to put a "Green Thumb" to your business, this bubble will do just that. 

pink anti-static bubble bagsAnti-Static bubble is becoming more and more popular, due to it's use in shipping sensitive electrical equipment. The only way people were able to tell the difference between regular bubble material verses static control material was to add a distinct "Pink" colorant. 
Pink Anti-static bubble wrap consists of plastic that has been surface coated with a chemical to prevent static electricity. One static Charge could damage your Computer Monitor, TV, Cell Phone, DVD's etc, if not properly packaged. 
Protect your electronic devices and save money by packaging your products with these convenient pink Anti-static bubble bags. If you need more information on our products, feel free to "Ask the Expert". If you need a Quote, don't hesitate to request one!

NEW Sample Kit 2013- Premier Protective Packaging


premier logoHere's a Sneak Peak to what we will be offering Starting January 1st, 2013 - Our Sample Kit for 2012 was a huge hit that we decided to add another Sample Kit that might cater to those people who are looking for a "Green" Bubble Wrap or even looking for "Pink" Anti-Static Bubble Wrap for Electronics.

Be sure to check out "Green bubble wrap vs. Pink Bubble Wrap: Premier Protective Packaging" blog post to understand why they are different and what to use them for. We will even throw in some Bubble Tubing, Our Stock 3/16 Bubble Bag and a Sample of 1.0oz Spun Bond Polypropylene. One sample of each:

3/16 Stock Bubble Out BagPink Anti-Static Green Bubble Bags

3/32 Foam Tubing

3/16 Bubble Tubing

3/16 Green Bubble Bag

1 oz SBPP on a Roll

3/16 Anti-Static Bubble Bag

**Options of Bags and Sheets on a Roll are available!

If you are looking for our other Sample Kit 2012, feel free to ask for one, those are not being discontinued, this New Sample Kit will be an addition to our Sampling. Our Customers and future customers come first and the best way to give you what you want is to see the material first hand. There is nothing better than seeing your product fit perfectly within our protective material and shipped with no issues!

Contact Us to Get Quoted on a Trial Run Fee (smaller quanitity) and test our product with your shipments, it never hurts to test before you make a large purchase of protective packaging materials.

For a more cost effective approach to your New Year, click below for a Quote on how we can help you eliminate your carbon foot print. Each person creates about 4.7 pounds of waste every single day (; keep that in mind the next time you toss something in the trash!


How We Make Our Custom Protective Packaging: Green Bubble Wrap


green bubble wrapWant Green Bubble Wrap?


Here at Premier Protective Packaging we Convert Bubble Wrap, Foam and Spun Bond Polypropylene to Custom Bags, Tubing, Sheets, Sleeves etc for your Protective Packaging needs.


Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

Those 3 words mean more to our environment than most people will ever understand. Finding environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional products is becoming increasingly easy these days. Here at Premier Protective Packaging we want to offer the ability and options to purchase/receive recycled bubble wrap for your products protection during the shipping process.

This recycled 3/16 bubble packaging is manufactured with reusable polyethylene resin. The "Green" color tends to give the awareness of a recycled content material which in return promotes "Green" purchases.

This light weight "Green" bubble wrap material uses less fuel for transportation and less carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This Bubble is available like any other material we carry, rolls, bags, sheets, tubing, etc with a wide range of widths and lengths to provide you with great options.


Why use Green Recycled Bubble Wrap?green bubble wrap bundle

  • Reduces Landfill Waste
  • Cost Effective to Ship, Store and Use
  • Superior Cushioning with Optimal Surface Protection



green bubble wrap produtionOnce an order comes to our Facility, we make it a Top Priority to get you a Sales Order confirmation! Our Customer Service and Production Teams work together to get your product scheduled and shipped within estimated lead times.

Depending on your Order, we will use Bundle sizes that we stock to put on our machines that will produce the size product you need. The picture to the left shows one of our machines producing a Green Bubble Bag and ending in a "Bulk Packed" Box (Fill case with product in miscellaneous way.)

We do have options of "Neat Packed" as well (Fill case with product in Neat Stacks). Most of our products are Bulk Packed and if you are looking for Neat Packed be sure to mention it to a Rep so we can give you the exact amount we can put in a case.

This bubble will not harm animals, humans or plants! With this Eco-Friendly alternative, you can't go wrong! One major fact that makes people switch is that knowing it will decompose at a rapid rate where sunlight is present, along with heat and water to begin decomposing. Whether you are shipping a package or storing items, making an impact on the earth is a great thing, so make the switch today to Our Green bubble bags!


Pink Bubble Wrap vs. Green Bubble Wrap: Protective Packaging


bubble bags

There are many colors out there that Bubble Wrap comes in, for example: Purple, Blue, Red, etc. But the 2 most common colors that we deal with are the Pink "Anti-Static" and the Green "Eco-Friendly" bags. Both of these materials have a BIG purpose in the packaging world! There is far more to them than their Color.

 Green: Bubble Wrap Bags

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

Why use Green Recycled Bubble Wrap?

  • Reduces Landfill Waste
  • Cost Effective to Ship, Store and Use
  • Superior Cushioning with Optimal Surface Protection

Are you taking steps to reduce your impact on the environment? Eco-Conscious customers love our Eco-Friendly Green bubble bubble wrap This bubble will not harm animals, green bubble bagshumans or plants and with this eco-friendly alternative, you will surely NOT pay an arm and a leg for it. The benefit of these bags are endless, whether you are shipping a package or storing items, make an impact on the earth in a good way, switch to our Green bubble bags! 

Pink: Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Bags

pink anti-static bubble bag

 Did you know that one Static Charge could damage your Computer Monitor, TV, Cell phone, DVD's etc, if not properly packaged! With Anti-Static Packaging, static will travel around the bag and will dissipate before it has a chance to damage contents when shipping or storing.

What are the benefits to Pink Anti-Static Material?

  • Eliminates the hazard of static electricity
  • Ideal for packaging, storing & shipping electronic components
  • Low Cost
  • Protects goods from external damage
  • Non-Abrasive, won't scratch or mar delicate surfaces

 Primarily we produce sheets or bags to our customers, and if you needed a roll or bundle size, we can do that too. We want to keep your goods packed securely and free from damage by electrostatic discharge.

These all can be purchased like any other bubble wrap in various lengths, quantities, and thicknesses you prefer. We are here to help you and if you are like myself i like to have a visual in front of me so ask for a sample!


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